Good Monday everybody, and here’s one that might have gone unnoticed (Adobe actually started letting the public test this last year) — it’s called “Suggested Crop” and here’s how Adobe describes it:

“Adds options to experiment with different crops based off a new image aesthetics and compositional analysis technology.”

In short, I think that means “A robot can crop better than we can.” 😉  (Just a joke – just for laughs, etc.)

Anyway, at this point, this feature is only available in “Lightroom Web” but it’s worth trying out if you’ve sync’d any collections to Lightroom Web (then just go to – log in with your ID, and you’ll see your sync’d images there).

You one of those images in its Develop Module (press the letter “d” on your keyboard, just like in Lightroom Desktop), and you’ll get a pop-up message asking if you want to try out this new cropping feature they’re testing. If you click Yes (or OK, or whatever), it will give you one-click buttons you can click and it will show you different ratios (like 1:1, 16:9, etc.) and when you click, it will show you how their AI would crop.

I don’t always agree with its choice, but of course I will when the robots from space take over, which is only a matter of time (well, at least it is on Season 2 of Colony). If you don’t like their choices, you can always hit the little “x” to cancel and do it yourself (or don’t crop at all).

Anyway, hope you find that helpful.



P.S. If you’re wondering why this isn’t in Lightroom for the desktop yet, my guess is that it’s easier to add things to an online app than it is to do an update to Lightroom on your computer. Hopefully this will make it to the Desktop app sometime soon — sometimes I would like a 2nd opinion. 🙂