When you are working on a shoot where your lighting and camera settings are fixed, there are changes that you would like to quickly pass to the other images in the shoots. Getting this done quickly can be a great time saver in your workflow. Let me speed this up just a little bit further by adding another tool to your arsenal – Auto Sync.

When you make some develop setting changes to your images, you have the option to select the images that are next to the one that you changed.  Pressing the Sync button at the bottom of the basic panel lets you take the settings that you set for the originally selected image and pass them over to the other images in the list.


This feature is great in that it lets you take everything from cropping to process version over to each of the images.  The only caveat? If you make more changes to the images, you’re going to need to reselect the images and perform another sync of them.


Instead of doing this, I would propose that you click on the off/on button to the left of the Sync button at the bottom of the Basic pane.  The button will change from “Sync” to “Auto Sync”


Once that Auto Sync option is checked, any changes that you make to the image that’s selected to the list is automatically passed down to all of the other images in the series.  No more re-syncing! You can now make the changes to the image knowing that all of the settings will be taken care of!