Here’s the latest round of Q&A’s. Feel free to leave a comment and keep ’em coming.

Q. After viewing the 100 reasons Lightroom is better that Bridge I made the switch and purchased Lightroom . I am trying to figure our how to move my ACR presets to Lightroom. I can’t seem to figure this out. What am I missing?
A. There’s no “official” way to convert them, but here’s a link on the Lightroom forums that has a workaround.

Q. How can I save my print templates to a JPEG like you did in your multi-photo print preset?
A. In the Print module, scroll down on the right hand side panels to the last one (the Print Job panel). The first setting is called “Print To”. Just turn it to the JPEG option and you’ll save your layout as a JPEG instead of sending it to the printer.

Q. Love all the presets I get from you, Matt. I recently bought a new computer (dell) and bought CS5 and Lightroom 3. Is there an easy way to move all my presets and brushes (teeth whitening) to my new computer/ Lightroom 3?
A. Sure thing. I posted a video a couple of weeks ago about moving presets. Here’s the link.

Q. How can we move an Identity plate from one catalog to the other?
A. While you can move most presets, Identity Plates are the one exception. So they don’t fall into the preset video I just mentioned above. If you’ve used an image you created as an identity plate then you’ll have to re-import that image image for the new one.

Q. Hey Matt, was just looking at some of your Paris photos that you wrote about a while back. You noted the photos were taken with a Nikon D3. Which “traveling” tripod did you take with you? I would like to travel relatively “light”.
A. I’m with ya! I love to travel light. I use the Gitzo traveler. It’s REALLY light and so small it fits into by laptop case. The one I have is discontinued but I there’s an updated version if you search for “Gitzo Traveler”.

Have a great day!