Lightroom Presets

Lightroom Presets – Calendar Print Templates

I gotta tell ya, today’s presets are an awesome way to kick off the first post of the new year. Honestly, I think they’re going to be hard ones to top. That’s probably because I didn’t create them 🙂

Blog reader and photographer, Ed Weaver, sent me a message on my Facebook account, (just click LIKE to follow me there) the other day with some presets he had developed. Once I saw his sample image I immediately said to myself, “I wish I had thought of that!”. I didn’t, but luckily Ed was kind enough to let me share the presets here on the blog.

Before we go any further, here’s an example (click to see it larger):

Installing the presets is a little bit different than normal. Here’s a link to a quick video I did this morning.
1) First, download the zip file here.
2) Unzip the file. You’ll see two folders, “Calendar Presets” and “Calendar PSDs”
3) Go to your Lightroom Preferences (Mac: Lightroom > Preferences | PC: Edit > Preferences) and go to the Presets tab.
4) Click on the button that reads “Show Lightroom Presets Folder”
5) Navigate folders to Lightroom > Print Templates and copy the “Calendar Presets” folder there.
6) Restart Lightroom. You won’t see the presets if you don’t.
7) Now drag the “Calendar PSDs” folder over your Lightroom icon to import, or simply import them through File > Import. These PSD files contain all of the calendars for the months of the year.
8. Once they’re there, go to your Presets panel in the Print module (NOT THE DEVELOP MODULE) and click on one of the calendar presets.
9) At this point, things work just like any other Custom Print Package in Lightroom 3. You drag your photo from the filmstrip into the placeholder. Then you drag all of the months of the year into their placeholders as well (you’ve got to do it 1 by 1). I find it helps to create a “Calendar” collection with all of the months in it and add the photo to the same collection as well. That way you’ll have them in the same place once you’re in the Print module”.

I realize this one is a bit tricky. Again, here’s a link to a quick video I did this morning.
And let’s give a big round of applause to Ed Weaver for sharing these. Thanks Ed, you ROCK! I appreciate it and I know everyone here does as well. Let us know what you think. Enjoy!