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A Lightroom Tip and Some News

Here’s a few news items and a Lightroom tip at the bottom. Have a great weekend!

• Grab a limited spiral bound edition of the Lightroom 3 Book for Digital Photographers, from the Call of Duty: Black Ops sniper himself, Scott Kelby 🙂

• I’m just about to close up the signing of my new Layers book if you buy it from Kelby Training. This weekend is it, so if you want a signed copy then grab one here before Monday.

• Friend of the blog and Lightroom guru Rob Sylvan recently wrote a book on becoming a stock photographer. Part of the book involves using Lightroom in his workflow. If you’re thinking about stock, it’s a must read! Here’s the link.

• Unified Color (makers of HDR Expose software) have announced their contest winner. Very cool photo here.

• The folks over at Pixel Genius have announced Photo Kit Sharpener 2

• And the Lightroom Tip is… if you’re in the Develop module and you press the Copy button (on the bottom left side panels), it lets you copy your current photo’s settings. But it always brings up a dialog asking exactly what settings you want to copy. Instead, if you’ve already done this and know the currently checked settings are the ones you want, just hold down the Option (PC: Alt) key and it’ll bypass that dialog and simply copy the settings you chose last time.