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Lightroom Mobile’s Hidden “Burst Mode” Button

Happy Friday everybody! Here’s a little tip I picked up from Adobe’s own Julieanne Kost, and it’s where Lightroom Mobile’s built-in camera’s “Burst Mode” is hidden on the iPhone. In Apple’s own camera, you just hold the shutter button down on screen and it fires a continious burst of images. Try that on Lightroom’s built-in camera and…well…nuthin’. You get just one shot.

Well, here’s where it is in Lightroom Mobile:

That’s right — not only can you fire LR Mobile’s built-in camera from the up/volume button (like you can with Apple’s camera), but holding it down gets you burst mode (like Apple’s camera). That’s today’s very short, sweet tip (thank you Julieanne), and hope you have a super nova sized weekend! 🙂



P.S. A shoutout of thanks to all the KelbyOne members who tuned into our live KelbyOne Focus and Vision for 2017 presentation the other night. You all are the best!!! 🙂