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My First “From Flat to Fabulous in Lightroom” Start-to-Finish Tutorial of 2017

Happy Monday everybody — this is going to be a GREAT week! So great, in fact, that I wanted to celebrate by doing my first “From Flat to Fabulous in Lightroom tutorial of the year. You’ll see the whole post processing edit from start to finish.

It’s below, but if you like this sort of tutorial, right below that video is the official trailer for my “From Flat to Fabulous in Photoshop” course, where I do 12 of these start-to-finish projects all in Photoshop and Camera Raw, and I provide you with the original files for download so you can follow right along. OK, here’s your assignment for this great day:

(a) watch the tutorial below
(b) watch the official trailer below that
(c) go take the course (here’s the link). OK, let’s get started!

OK, that’s the tutorial; now watch the really quick official trailer below:

OK, here’s the link to that course (if you’re not already a KelbyOne member, you can take the 10-day Free Trial and watch the full course right now plus enough 600 or so full length classes while you’re there).

Hope you found that helpful. 🙂