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Lightroom Classic Users: What Happened to “Lightroom Mobile?”

I’ve been hearing this question while out on my seminar tour (I’m in Houston Texas today with the seminar), and I thought I’d address it here. The question I’m getting is…

“I’m a Lightroom Classic user, and I wanted to use Lightroom Mobile, but when I went to the App store and typed in Lightroom Mobile, all that came up is the new Lightroom CC. What happened to Lightroom Mobile? Is there still a way for us to use Lightroom on our mobile devices?”

Yes. Absolutely! All Adobe really did on the Mobile side of things was change the name of Lightroom Mobile to Lightroom CC. It works the same way it always did (with regards to how you sync collections and such), so that’s all the same. In fact, outside of that, all they’ve done is to add more features, which is a good thing.

If you are a Lightroom CC user on the Desktop (the cloud-storage based version of Lightroom), then Lightroom CC on your mobile device works differently for you (you don’t choose collections to sync — all your images are synced to mobile, and it only pulls higher res images from the cloud when needed for editing), but again that’s only if you’re using CC on the desktop. I do want to mention (and warn you) that when it comes to the desktop you should choose one workflow or the other — either Lightroom Classic (the one we know and love for years now), or Lightroom CC (the new cloud-storage version) — but not both. They don’t play together well (changes you make to CC cloud storage images in Lightroom CC on mobile, won’t sync back to Classic), so to keep from having your world turn upside down, pick one and go with it.

Hope you found that helpful.

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