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Find a Better Location For Your Lightroom Mobile Images Sync’d To Your Desktop


OK, if that headline doesn’t make sense, just watch the video and you’ll go, “Ohhhhhhh. That makes sense.”

This is actually a pretty handy one (tip of the hat to Terry White who pointed it out to me), and if you use Lightroom Mobile, this will definitely make your life a little more organized (and that’s a good thing, right?). 🙂

Hey, are you coming to Vegas to learn Lightroom with me and the crew in July?
We’ve got three solid days of Lightroom training at Photoshop World on July 19-22st, so make plans to come out and join us – it will be (wait for it, wait for it…epic!).

Hope you all have a great Monday (hey, it happens), and we’ll catch you back here tomorrow. 🙂