Lightroom 2.4 (and Camera Raw 5.4) Available

Happy Wednesday folks. I’m on my way out to San Jose, CA to visit the mother ship (Adobe HQ). But I wanted to let you know that the Lightroom 2.4 update is out (and Camera Raw 5.4). Its mainly a camera update (D5000 support woo hoo!!!) but there’s some minor bug fixes as well. Check out Lightroom Product Manager Tom Hogarty’s blog for more details and visit the link below to download the updates.

Click here to go to Adobe’s Update page.


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  1. Matt,
    I recently upgraded to LR 2.4 and all my pictures from a previous version have disappeared, I don’t understand what happened how do I locate/find thos missing photo’s, thanks.

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  2. FYI for Panasonic Lumix FX150 owners (possibly other models): .rw2 to .dng conversion works as it should with the Lightroom 2.4 update. Previously the .dngs were weighing in at 3 times the size of my original .rw2 raw files (~50+MB)! Very glad this was fixed.

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  3. Hey Matt,

    great info to know. I was wondering about an idea for some presets. I was wanting to know if you had any, or could draft some presets up to make photos look like the ones in the Camera Bag appliction for the iPhone. I especially like the “helga” preset, the “cinema” and the “magazine” presets

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  4. @Stefan,

    You might be able to include the Lightroom Gallery as an object. You’d need to google the usage of it – I’ve never tried it.

    The other way you could do it, is to create a blank iWeb doc, and copy the HTML [by opening the web gallery file in textedit – and copying all the code] from one file, into your iWeb file.

    Hope that helps 🙂

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  5. Love the before and after podcasts. Keep ’em coming.

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  6. 500D support woo hoo!!!

    (For all of us not sponsored by Nikon)

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  7. Thanks for the heads up . I saw the message when I opened Lightroom the other day but just downloaded it and not installed it yet. I am a little hesitant to instll since the problems with 2.2 and I can not afford for Lightroom to run like crap this time of year. I have not heard of any problems with the install so far but has anyone else had any problems or heard of any problems?

    I will probably install this afternoon if I do not hear of any problems.

    Thanks for the great blog and info as always!!

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  8. Hey, quick question for you lightroom pros… is there currently a way to copy brush settings from one master photo to another WITHOUT replacing the existing brush settings/locations?
    Let’s say for example – you work on a RAW photo at work, export it to jpg for web storage. Import the jpg to LR offsite at home, you make lots of edits to it in LR. Now how can you add those new edits back to the original LR raw without replacing the existing brush edits. Can LR accomplish this?

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  9. I am alittle confused. It looks like Adobe put up a new installer since yesterday. I turned off the the Automatic Bridge start up option but didn’t restart the computer. I just download the new installer and did the extraction and install and.. it worked.

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  10. Hey Danella, Yep I have the same problem. I have Vista but I don’t think the problem is specific to that. I had a problem several months ago and called Adobe and if I remember right it has something about Bridge automatically launching at start up. For some reason you can’t tell it is running.
    WOW!I just hit me. -I have to go into preference in Bridge* and disable the automatically start Bridge option. I am headed there now and will let you know how it turns out..

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  11. Hey Matt, GARGANTUAN fan of your work, I was just curious, besides of course the obvious (I know you’re an adobe evangelist) but I was wondering if being on the mac platform and using Aperture2 is truly that bad a choice for a D.A.M as opposed to Lightroom2 I hear you guys talk all the time on your various shows, blogs, twitter etc. and i feel kinda bad that im not as big into lightroom as I am into aperture (maybe its a mac thing) while i make it my business to be familiar with both i seem to lean more towards aperture but honestly I feel so left out or kinda like im the Prodigal’s son of Kelby Training.. silly I know but I would prefer to have one platform to cover my needs maybe you could help me with some insight on this ?


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  12. The cropping bug was finally fixed. Thanks for the heads up and the link to Hoggarty’s blog

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  13. Dear Matt,
    First let me say that I have been a member of Kelby Training for a while, and I have learned a mammoth amount of info from you. Thanks so much.
    This is a question related to Lightroom, but I didn’t know where to post it, so I’m hoping by posting it in the comment section, you might still answer it.
    I’m an exclusive Lightroom user, and am just getting into the Print, and more recently the Web modules. I don’t have Web space, but I do have a MobileMe account, and I’m pretty sure that allows me to create a web page using Apple’s iWeb application.
    The question I have for you, is do you know of any way I can include a page I’ve made in the Web module of Lightroom, in my webpage made in iWeb?
    Perhaps you could also let me know where to direct any future questions. Thanks again,

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  14. Thanks for the head’s up. Wondered if anyone else had a problem updating Raw? Everytime I try, I get a message to close Bridge when it isn’t even open. Argh! I just want my Camera Raw and I want it now:) OK, I’m over it. Any help would be appreciated.


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  15. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the heads up! I was looking for the E-620 camera update. Just bought the camera and Lightroom and Camera Raw didn’t recognize it.

    Thanks again,


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