Here’s a few links worth checking out while you’re web surfing today:

• Bogen is putting on an Extreme Sports webinar by kick-butt photographer Michael Clark on July 17. Its free too! Here’s the link.

• If you’re a working pro then you’ll probably want to check out
GridIron Flow – a Visual Workflow Manager. Its pretty cool software but, again, mainly for professionals that touch a number of programs and graphics for their work and need to keep a visual diagram of that entire workflow.

• John Beardsworth has created a Lightroom plug-in called “Open Directly” that lets you open your Raw files (not TIFF copies) in an external editor. Not something I personally would need but a number of folks find the need to use Lightroom and Capture NX or other similar programs. This should make it easier.

• Want some inspiration for the day (as well as a reason to crave a cocktail all day)? Check out Martin Wonnacott’s portfolio. He’s an amazing beverage photographer and his portfolio will definitely inspire.