Lightroom Tips

Lightroom 2 is Here!

Last night Adobe went public with the brand new version of Lightroom – Lightroom 2.0! If you recall, there was a public beta released back in April which caused quite a stir with it’s new targeted localized adjustment tool. Well now Lightroom 2 is officially shipping and not only does it have all the cool features you remember from the beta, but its got some brand new stuff as well.

Over the course of the coming weeks I’ll have lots of videos, news, and tips on taking advantage of Lightroom 2. To keep you busy today though, I figured I’d share some links I’ve come across as well as some of the videos that we’ve been working on:

• Tom Hogarty (Lightroom’s Product Manager) has the inside track, so his blog is always a good place to start when a new version is released.

• Scott Kelby, RC, and I created the NAPP sponsored Lightroom 2 Learning Center. Of course you’ll find out about all the new features there, but there’s a few videos that Scott and I did that are worth some extra attention – even if you’ve seen all the new features. Once you go to the page, look at the list on the right and you’ll see we did a Lightroom vs. Bridge (and Photoshop and ACR) comparison video. We get asked this all the time so we finally made a video to cover it.

• While you’re on that NAPP Learning Center check out the “Other improvements and changes” video at the bottom of the list. We cover some of the smaller (but still really cool) stuff in there that may sneak by some people.

• Terry White shows that Lightroom 2 can be used for retouching too.

• Scott Kelby talks Lightroom 2 on his blog and announces that his Lightroom 2 Book for Digital Photographers is available for pre-order. This will be THE Lightroom book of the year so get on the pre-order list now.

• I’ve created a 3-part training series at Kelby Training on Lightroom 2 called Lightroom 2 In Depth. Part 1 is all about importing and sorting your photos and where to store them. Part 2 is about developing and editing. Part 3 is about showing off your work and printing. Check it out here at Kelby Training’s website.

• I’ve also created the Lightroom 2 Power Session. This one just dives into the new features of Lightroom 2 so if you’ve already used Lightroom before (and know it pretty well), and you just want the scoop on the new stuff, then it may be better for you.

Finally, I’d like to ask 2 favors from you:

1. Leave a comment here and share your thoughts about the new release.

2. Also, I’ve got a question for you. Are you upgrading? Why or why not? What’s the big selling point(s) or what’s holding you back?

Well folks, that’s about it from here on launch day. I’ll have lots more good stuff to come though so stay tuned to the website. Have fun!