Lightroom Tips

Weekly Worth-a-click Post

A few things to keep you busy over the weekend:

• Dave Cross was a guest-blogger on Scott’s blog last week. There’s some really interesting comments when it comes to shooting with Photoshop in mind.

• I love these fake online photo shoots. Yes, I know it’s sad. They’re fun though 🙂 (warning: half naked sumo wrestler alert!)

• In case you hadn’t heard, the Drobo backup device now supports firewire. I’m definitely thinking about getting one.

• Some really inspiring car photography.

• Lightroom tip: Start using DNG. It’s easy and saves you 20% disk space. And if you have a lot of folders to convert from earlier shoots then start picking one or two away each day. Just select the folder and go to the Library module. Then choose Library > Convert to DNG. Here’s a video with some more info.

Also, next week I’m probably going to start a new type of blog post. I get so many questions and comments that I want to answer, but I just never have time to email each person. So, I’m starting a “catch-all” post each week (assuming there’s enough questions/comments to fill a post) and I’ll answer them right here on the site. Sound good? Enjoy your weekend?