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Killer Lightroom Tip If You Don’t Have GPS in Your Camera, But Want Your Images Added To Lightroom’s Map

And, of course, it features Lightroom guru (and Adobe evangelist), Mr. Terry White. Check it out:

How cool is that!!!! Thanks, Terry!

This next video was put together by Adobe…

…and it’s about the woman you see below, who used to study architecture and fell in love with photography along the way. There is no sales pitch or anything like that (besides just the words Lightroom and Photoshop briefly in the opening and at the end, but that’s it), but man – this is just so well done from beginning to end. It’s only a minute or so, but I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Next week, the HUGE Lightroom online training event kicks off

That’s right – next week is the Photoshop World Conference 2022, and just a TON of Lightroom classes, and so much more. Check out the short 1-min trailer below first, and then we’ll chat after. Check it out:

It’s three days, three tracks, the top instructors in our industry and you can watch any session in any of the tracks, and we archive the entire conference for a full year so you can catch any sessions you missed or re-watch any sessions you want to see again. Tickets and more info are right here. Don’t miss out – it’s going to be incredible!

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody. Stay safe and we’ll catch you next week. 🙂