If You’re New To Lightroom, This Will Help You Like You Cannot Believe!

Today at 11:00 AM ET, Adobe’s own Terry White is kicking off a new Webcast for photographers and right off the bat you’re going to learn how to avoid the thing that trips up more new Lightroom users than anything else. Watch Terry’s Webcast – he’s going to show you exactly how to set this all up right from the start, so you will have a happy Lightroom life.

I’m embedding his Live Stream below (again, it starts at 11:00 am ET but if you miss it, you can still watch it right here below anytime after 11:00 am). If you want to comment and ask Terry questions during this live “Get Started in Lightroom Classic” class, you’ll want to watch it over on Behance.com (just log in with your regular Adobe ID and you can ask questions live there).

You will super-dig Terry and his presentation style, and he’s teaching you something right up front that is invaluable to new Lightroom users. Even if you’ve been using Lightroom for a while now, you’ll pick up some helpful tips.

Thanks to Terry for letting me share the premiere episode of his new Photography channel over on Behance. 🙂

Hope you have an absolutely fantastic weekend, and we’ll catch you next week (I’m in San Diego on Wed, Phoenix on Thursday – Hope I’ll get a chance to meet you in person at my seminar).