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I Tried Lightroom’s New Live View Tethering Feature, and…

It’s “OK.” The frame rate of what you see in that live view window is a lot slower than I was expecting (check out the video below as see if you agree), and while the folks who have been waiting forever for this feature will probably be fine with it, it’s not a big advantage for what I shoot, and I think the slow frame rate would get on my nerves, so I’ll be skipping it for now, but I would expect that it’ll get faster in a future update (that’s no inside intel — I just think they’ll get some feedback on this).

NOTE: There’s no audio — this is just to see the frame rate example.

Now that you’ve seen it — am I being too picky on the frame rate thing? Let me know in the comments below.

Update on Monday’s Post about the Sony Tethering Plug-in (and why Nikon Users Might Want To Use It)

Well, it appears the folks at Tethertools got wind of my post on Monday (since they contacted me), but luckily they only had one thing they wanted to address — my comment on why a Nikon user would want to use their Smart Shooter 4 plug-in, since Nikon’s have been able to tether straight into Lightroom for like 11 years.

Here’s the line from their Website that had me scratching my head:

“The end results are a fast, stable tethering connection with SONY users and added features for Nikon users – seamlessly integrated with Adobe Lightroom Classic.”

Well, they told me what it is that Nikon users would love, and I have to admit, I think they’re right (just based on how many Nikon users have complained about this Lightroom tethering feature that Canon shooters get they Nikon users don’t.

The mystery is solved!

What Nikon users get with this plug-in is the ability to simultaneously write to their camera’s memory card, and the computer they’re tethering with. Something they’ve never been able to do in Lightroom (but Canon shooters have been able to do from the start). So, that’s the advantage (and why they point it out on their site). You can download a free trial version from their Website.

Thanks to Jessica at Tethertools for reaching out and letting me in on the secret (it’s not really a secret, but that sounds a look more interesting to call it that). 😉

Here’s wishing you a safe, happy, fun weekend. 🙂


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