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I Just Released a New Lightroom Class That I Think Is Going To Blow Your Mind!

It’s about making videos, from start to finish, all 100% in Lightroom. Well, the video clips from your camera of course, but after that, it’s all Lightroom Classic. No plug-ins, no other apps, no kidding.

Now, before you dismiss this idea, watch this clip from the start of the class where I explain a lot more about the class.

One of my in-house video Editors, Juan Alfonso, was working on the final edits for this class and he came and told me, unsolicited, that he was amazed at how much could be done all in Lightroom (and he’s a photographer and uses Lightroom all the time). For me, hearing that from Juan, was really so exciting. I really can’t wait to share this with you and get your feedback.

Here’s a link to the course on KelbyOne. If you’re not already a member, and you have any interest in editing video, but don’t have the time to learn a full-blown editing program like Premiere Pro, Final Cut or Avid, it’s worth it to join for a month just to watch this course. I am not kidding — your mind will be blown!

Hope you get it to watch it this weekend (it’s going to change everything for you), and even if you don’t get to watch it, here’s wishing you a fun, safe, weekend. 🙂




  1. marc labro 28 January, 2020 at 03:33 Reply

    Hi Scott, I will look this course 🙂
    I recently did some 10-20sec videos with my iphone 8 and copied them manually from DCIM folder to my win10 pc but couldn’t display these files (MOV) with Windows explorer and thumbnails of images and videos were empty. VLC works nice however.
    I did some searches on google and needed to install two fixes for win10 (codec…) and can view these files.
    Reason is that my iphone was set to HEIC (but files are with JPG extension !!!) and MOV. I have set my iphone now to JPG/H264 for more compatibility. But meantime I have lot of MOV to process.
    Once on my computer, i wanted to import them into lightroom and LR didn’t recognize MOV !!! So, I needed to purchase premiere elements which works nicely.
    Can you tell me why MOV are not recognized by Lightroom while it is now recognized by win10 and premiere elements ?
    Another interesting topic with videos is “how to share these high quality iphone videos”. i posted on my smugmug account and these are awfully blury and pixelized but only during 10sec, which is approximately the duration of my clips. Smugmug codec is buggy and its buffer requires 10sec to work !!! Flickr is perfect. google photo, even with high quality option is blurry.

  2. Phil Maly 28 January, 2020 at 02:33 Reply

    Hi Scott, I’m really exited about your new course and would really love to subscribe to follow it fully.
    But I have a question first. Does it allow to create (or ultimately export) movies in higher resolution than 1080p.
    Currently I struggle a little with Premiere Pro, but I’m using it because I have lots of Drone footage in 4K and as far as I know Lightroom only allows exports in 1080p.

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