I found a great way to make the most of your Amazon Gift Card

You know that Amazon gift card you got for Christmas (or Hanukkah), and you’ve been wondering what to get with it? Well, if I could make a suggestion, here’s something you should definitely consider, but once you get this (spoiler alert: it’s my brand new book, ‘The Natural Light Photography Book”), you can use the value left over on the gift card on an accessory I talk about in the book that will have a massive impact on the quality of your natural light photos outdoors. It’s a win/win kind of thing (well, especially if you’re me).

First, check out the video below:

Then, head to Amazon to pick up the book – here’s the link.

If you got a $25 gift card, you could get both the book (the Kindle version) and the accessory, and still have enough for…well…you wouldn’t have enough for anything else, and I’m not 100% sure you can get both for $25, but I think it’s at least possible if you’re a savvy shopper. It might take $30, but again, I’m not 100% on the math, but I think I’m at least in the ballpark.

Anyway, getting this book sets you up for 2020 being the year you totally nail your natural light portraits.

I hope, like me, you’re enjoying a day off today. I’m shooting the Bucs/Falcons game on Sunday – really looking forward to that. Hope you have a great weekend, and we’ll catch you next week!