That was our topic last week on “The Grid” and we had viewers submit their unedited images and I took them through the steps of what I would do to take them from out-of-the-camera to the finished version. Here’s the episode below:

Note: you see me using Camera Raw here, but it’s the same as Lightroom’s Develop module – it’s the same sliders, in the same order, using the same math, that does the same things, so don’t let it throw you that the images aren’t in Lightroom. 🙂

Submit your images now for tomorrow’s Blind Critiques

This is your call to submit 3 of your best photos (any category) for tomorrow’s “Blind Photo Critiques” episode on ‘The Grid.’ (our live weekly photography show). We give honest reviews, but we don’t mention your name at all (that’s why it’s called “Blind”), but people find it really helpful, even if their images don’t get highlighted on the show. Remember, it’s a blind critique — no one will know whose images are whose, so you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. 🙂

Here’s the upload link: – then join us live tomorrow for the show at 1:00 PM ET – we also stream it live on my Facebook page: here’s the link to watch it live (or afterward in the replay).

Have a great Tuesday, everybody!