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How to Have Your iPhone Automatically Import Photos You Shoot Directly Into Lightroom mobile

If you use the iPhone’s camera app, here’s a way to set up Lightroom to automatically import any photos you take with that camera, straight into Lightroom on your mobile device AND also send them to your desktop Lightroom (Classic or cloud) automatically. What? Yup. Here’s how it’s done:

Super easy, right? I know. Pretty cool!

Have a great Monday, everybody!


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  1. Dale 19 March, 2024 at 22:07 Reply

    I would love to know a quick and EASY way to download a few images to my iPhone 15. I use Merlin on my iPhone and I have many bird images in LRcc. Merlin will not download to my desktop because it does not have the M1 chip. Appreciate any inputs. Dale

  2. Peter Heuchert 11 March, 2024 at 07:33 Reply

    This is the opposite of precook in my eyes. We all take too many pictures with our iPhones. Now we have to clean up the pictures in the foto app and in Lightroom. Any bad point, Adobe does count the space used by JPEGs. Not sure about HEIF. So my Acobe cloud store was filled with Gigabytes of unwanted pictures.
    I think it is a better advise to disable it and import just the few pictures you really want.

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