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Some Quick Lightroom Links and a Friday Tip

Here’s a few links and a quick tip to close out the week. Have a great weekend everyone!

• I found an older video that’s still very cool to watch. It’s from Tyler Stableford, one of the worlds top adventure photographers (and super nice guy), and how he uses Lightroom.

• Found another review of my Layers book.

• An interesting post on about a workflow for people that like to use multiple folders (with multiple copies of the same image) for a specific event. Just something to think about.

• And the tip for today. If you click on a slider in the Develop module you’ll see it becomes highlighted more so than the others. At this point, you can use the +/- (plus and minus) arrow keys to change the settings. Sometimes it’s kinda cool to just sit back and move the sliders while you’re looking at the photo and not concentrating on moving the mouse ever so slightly. By default the keys increase or decrease the slider setting but some “medium” number (not really sure what it is – sometimes it’s 10 sometimes 5 depending on the setting). But if you hold the Shift key down, it’ll move them by a larger amount. And if you hold the Alt/Option key down it’ll move them by a very small amount (good for fine tuning).