A Handy Tip, And An Update On My New Lightroom Classic Book

Hi, gang and happy Friday. Coupla quick things:

(1) Lots of folks asking when am I going to write a version of my Lightroom Book with all the new stuff in the Lightroom Classic? (including the new Profiles and all).
Good news – I already did, and it’s on-press right now! (Whoo hoo!) Check out the trailer below:

You can pre-order yours right now at Amazon or Barnes & Noble, and be the first to get your copy.

(2) Here’s a pretty handy little Lightroom tip (and an answer to a recent question at my Lightroom seminar), which is:

Q. Is there any way to get rid of all History states for a particular image without clicking on the original  “Import” state which would revert my image to what it looked like when I imported it? 
A. There’s actually a very easy way – now at the top right of the History panel, you’ll see a little “x” (shown circled in red below). Click on that, and it clears ALL your history states, but your image stays looking ‘as is.’

Hope you find that helpful! 🙂

Have a great weekend everybody!