Links and General LR/Photography Coolness

Welcome back Thursday blog visitors. I’ve rounded up a few of my interesting picks for the week so here goes:

Direct Daniella – This is a really clever little site. Basically, you go to this website and do a live photo shoot of a model (Daniella). It’s something done in conjunction with a contest for Taco Bell but I think it’s a really clever idea. You’d think we’re all above this but I found myself shooting just about every location they offer. In keeping with full discloser, the model is a world famous bikini model so the male population will undoubtedly find this more amusing, but that aside I think it’s just fun. Sorry ladies, there doesn’t appear to be a “Direct Dan” website coming any time soon. Anyway, here’s the link.

It seems that every week some one is releasing/updating a web gallery for Lightroom and this week is no exception. The Turning Gate has released a Shadowbox Gallery which looks pretty neat (one of my favorites). You can visit the website, see samples of the gallery, and download it here.

Timothy Armes Photography has released a program called Lightroom Enfuse. In a nutshell, he provides a visual interface to this open-source command line thingee called “Enfuse”. I’m actually not sure what any of what I just wrote means, but it sounds too technical for me. So here’s my take. Lightroom doesn’t offer any way to blend multiple exposures. This “Enfuse” program does but you have to be a techie person to use it. So Timothy created an interface that let’s us non-techie people use it with Lightroom.

OK, that’s it for this dose of Links and General Lightroom/Photography Coolness. Make sure you scroll down to the next post for some inspiration.