Follow Up Q&A to Lightroom Joining the Adobe Creative Cloud

I just got back from teaching Lightroom to some packed rooms in Boston and Houston. Thanks so much to everyone that attended this week. As you may know, it’s always a little hard traveling, but you guys make me feel right at home in every city I go to 🙂 There were a bunch of questions the other day when I posted about Lightroom joining the Adobe Creative Cloud. I did some research and sent a few messages to my friends at Adobe and they referred me to a link that’s on the Adobe website. It answers most of the questions I saw here like:

– How to install Lightroom 4 or the Lightroom 4 trial with Creative Cloud membership?
– If I already installed Lightroom 4, do I have to reinstall it with the Creative Cloud?
– Am I eligible for the Creative Cloud introductory offer discount based on owning Lightroom 4 already?
– Can I get a refund for Lightroom 4 if I purchased it before I bought my Creative Cloud membership?

It’s definitely worth a read if you haven’t seen it yet so here’s the link. Have a great weekend!