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Celebrating 50 Issues of Lightroom Magazine (and how to get your free copy right now!)

We just announced that the latest issue of Lightroom Magazine is now available (and I’ll tell you how to download this issue for free in just a sec), but I wanted to pause a moment to not only celebrate the fact that we hit 50 issues (which is no small feat, and one we’re really proud and thankful for), but also to honor and acknowledge the magazine’s Managing Editor, my friend and colleague Chris Main.

Chris (seen here above) was one of our company’s first employees, and he has really grown and flourished in his position over the years (where he does double-duty, as he is also Managing Editor of Photoshop User magazine as well), and today I believe Chris is doing his best work yet.

Chris leads the charge of publishing 20 issues a year of the two magazines combined, which means there’s not much time for anything else, but he really makes it look easy. Chris was also the guy behind getting the awesome KelbyOne Mags app up and running and getting a load of back issues of both magazines up online (including all 50 issues of Lightroom Magazine) as well.

Chris is totally dedicated to our readers and making the magazines the very best they can be, and one look at either magazine and you can see Chris’s fingerprint on every page (metaphorically, but you knew that, right?). Anyway, Chris is very modest and therefore he kind of flies “under the radar” but in reality, he’s a driving force behind these magazines, and I wanted to take a moment at this 50th issue to recognize his talents, hard work, and dedication to our readers around the world. Thank you, Chris. You rock!

Chris and I are both blessed to have graphic design superstars Jessica Maldonado, Margie Rosenstein, and Angela Naymick working on both magazines, and they are not only awesome designers, but all three are just the coolest people, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Chris and I both know how truly lucky we are to have these superstars providing the look and feel of the magazines, and we never take that for granted.

We’ve also been very fortunate to have such great writers for the magazine, including the best-known names in the Lightroom universe, and we’re indebted to them for helping so many people along on their Lightroom journey. Thanks so our columnists and contributing writers: Rob Sylvan, Sean Duggan, Martin Evening, Sean McCormack, Serge Ramelli, and Rick Sammon, along with our frequent guest feature writers.

Take a Look at the Covers of all 50 Issues Below

If you’re a KelbyOne Pro member, you already have access to all 50 back issues — a mountain of learning — all from within the KelbyMags App. If you’re not a Pro member, check below for how to get our 50th-anniversary issue free right now.

How To Download Our Latest Issue Free

We’re making this latest issue available as a free download to folks who sign up for our FREE level of KelbyOne membership (no credit card required). Our Free level of membership is actually pretty sweet, because not only do you get to download this issue of Lightroom Magazine, you can also download the latest issue of Photoshop User magazine, plus you get to watch some of our best full-length courses free as well, including “Learn Lightroom CC In One Hour.”

So, head over to KelbyOne.com, scroll down to the bottom of the page, choose the FREE level of members, and you’re “in.” Again, no credit card required, so jump on over there right now.

This has nothing to do with Lightroom…

… this past Saturday afternoon our son Jordan graduated with two degrees from The University of Alabama, and the whole family (and friends) went up to be there as he walked across the stage to pick up his diplomas and let me tell you, it was such a proud moment for us all. We were cheering and screaming and whoopin’ it up!!! (#rolltide!). We are so proud of him, and the fine young man he has become. A prouder parent I could not be. 🙂

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Have a great day everybody! Can’t wait to meet everybody tomorrow here in Indy!