This case of the missing blog posts….

Greetings from Marrakech, Morocco. 🙂

So, if you’ve been wondering where this week’s posts have been, they’re somewhere in the desert in Morocco, where Internet access is…well…I’m not sure you could really call it “access.” Picture dial-up speed, then picture whatever would be way, way, slower than that. Now pour molasses on top of that. That’s what we’ve had, but now I’m in the airport, hitting the Starbucks wireless, and that works well enough to pop this quite note up before my flight back to Lisbon this morning. 🙂

I came here to Morocco after leading a local walk in Lisbon, Portugal as part of my Worldwide Photo Walk on Saturday. I’m here in Marrakesh few of my good buddies. To my right, that’s my big brother Jeff Kelby, then my buddies Peter Treadway and Mike McCaskey, and the king of the selfies is my buddy Dave “Hybrid Dave” Williams (he writes the Tuesday post on my daily blog at Such a great, fun-loving, hilarious group of guys to hang with. 🙂

Anyway, besides the show Internet speeds, I’ve been going full steam the whole time, trying to see and shoot as much as possible in just a couple of days here. It’s been amazing, and I’ll have photos and stories to share soon, but I just wanted to let you know why I haven’t blogging this week (but lucky, Rob Sylvan will be here with his Wednesday blog tomorrow, and then I’ll be back with a post on Friday, so all is not lost for the week).

Thanks for understanding – can’t wait to share all the fun stuff from this trip!

Have a great Tuesday, everybody. 🙂



P.S. Hey, if you’re thinking we paid some guy to have those camels pose along the seashore for a sunset shot, man are you way off. 😉

Author: Scott Kelby

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  1. You lie, Marrakech is 100 miles away from the beach. This picture is taken at Essaouira.

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