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I can’t believe this is finally (finally!) in Lightroom Mobile!

OK, you can tease me for not knowing that this feature – one I’ve been waiting for since Lightroom Mobile was first released — was in there (you used to have to do this in the Lightroom desktop, and then wait for your changes to be sync’d to Mobile – it was a pain).

Anyway, I fully expect those “What? You didn’t know that? I knew that a month ago!” comments, so have it. I’m cool with it, because I’m just so happy it’s finally there – I don’t care if I was the last to know. LOL! See below:

Hope you all have a seriously awesome weekend and Memorial Day (here in the US) and we’ll catch ya next week. 🙂



P.S. I posted all the source images for download that I used in my new “Photoshop: From Flat to Fabulous” so you can follow along with me, using the same Raw images I used in the class. Hope you find that helpful. 



  1. notlyle 27 May, 2016 at 12:17 Reply

    Nice to be able to do. What I’ll be impressed with is when you can rotate the clone source circle’s content at the destination for situations like your light down the staircase issue a few weeks ago. Help to address a lot of line overlap/lineup issues on cleanup.

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