Adobe Please Fix This in Lightroom 6 (Part 2)


While Scott and I were talking about things that drive us batty inside of Lightroom 5, I brought up something that I thought should be pretty straightforward of a fix – and wondered why we had gone six versions without it seeing the light of day.  This one has to do with Collections and Collection Sets.

Here’s my workflow with working with Collection Sets. I have a main Collection Set called Models.  Inside of that, I dedicate a Collection Set for each individual model.  Considering the fact that I will often work with a model multiple times, I will separate each shoot I do with them into their own Collection Set.  So – lets take Lukas here.  He would have a Collection Set called Lukas inside of the master Collection Set called Models.  Inside the Lukas Collection Set, I would have Shoot 1 as another Set.  This lets me organize the shoots hierarchically inside of Lightroom and let me twirl down only the specific type of work I am doing at that moment in time (There’s no reason for me to scroll through multiple Collection Sets of Landscapes if I am looking for models – you get the picture).

Now, something that each individual Collection Set for a shoot gets is a series of Collections.  I see these as “views” of the individual images that I made.  One Collection is a view of all of the images of the shoot.  Another ‘View” is all of the images that I picked (Its easier for me to see than having to Filter – though that would work too).  All of the rejects would get another Collection (This is in the instance that the client requests that I keep rejects – which will happen often enough).  From there I add a Collection for images to edit, and another to hold edited pictures.  Sometimes these collections get drilled further (Client Portfolio, Shoots to the Magazine, 8X10 prints, etc), But I can always count on having these four collection sets as default.


What if you could make a blank Collection Set, and throw a series of Collections in there with no images in it.  You can keep that handy anywhere in the Collection structure.  Now, when you need it, you can just right click it and select “Duplicate”.  This would make a copy of the Collection Set and all of the Collections in them.  From there, all you need to do is drag it into the master Collection Set you need and you’re off to the races.  This would save you a little bit of time as you don’t have to make each Collection Set and Collection over and over.  The more you use as a default – the more time it would save.

Is it a little thing- no doubt.  But those little things add up quite a bit when you’re working day to day in Lightroom.  It’s those kinds of upgrades that can really make moving to a new version great. Id love to see it in Lightroom 6

We’d love to keep hearing from you to see what kinds of things you would like to see that just bug you.  Let us know!