Adobe Announces Lightroom 3 Beta!

Hey everyone! Big day today… I’m heading up to New York to PhotoPlus East early this morning but that’s not the big news. Adobe has once again released a public beta of the new version of Lightroom. Lightroom 3 Beta was announced and is now available as a free download for anyone (not just existing Lightroom users). I’ll give you the main points here but, honestly, Scott Kelby, RC Concepcion and I have each created various videos and articles over at NAPP’s Lightroom 3 Beta Learning Center. So rather than just repeat everything (that I’ve been up all day and night for the last 3 days creating for the learning center), I’ll just point you there instead 🙂

The Main Stuff:
• The Beta is for everyone
• Big changes in the Import dialog
• Noise removal has changed quite a bit
• Slideshows can now be exported as videos (with music)
• Custom print templates in the Print module
• Houston, we have watermarking!

So here’s your marching orders:
1) Don’t complain about the beta. Remember, its not finished yet. Its a beta.
2) Head over to NAPP’s Lightroom 3 Beta Learning Center
3) Download the Lightroom 3 Beta from the Adobe Labs website
4) If you’re a Kelby Training subscriber I’ve created an entire online training course, The Lightroom 3 Beta Power Session, that dives a little deeper into the new LR3 Beta features.
5) Keep an eye out at Tom Hogarty’s (Lightroom Product Manager) blog
6) Don’t forget to stop by Scott’s blog as well
7) Stay tuned here at Lightroom Killer Tips. As I find and create new things you can bet I’ll be showing them here first.

Thanks for stopping by. If you see me wandering around (with red bleary-looking eyes) at PhotoPlus East in New York today or tomorrow be sure to stop by and say hi.