Lightroom Weekly Worth-a-click

Here’s a few links worth checking out while you’re web surfing today:

• Sean McCormack wrote a very cool little article on Lightroom plug-ins. There’s a lot of ’em out there and this sums it up very nicely.

• X-rite’s Color Checker Passport has direct integration when it comes to custom profiles in Lightroom.

• Rob Sylvan wrote an article called “10 Things I Wish I Could Tell Every New Lightroom User“.

• SneakPeek Photo has a Quick Look plugin for Digital Photographers. It lets you click on an unopened photo file (no matter where it is, even on your card reader) and hit the space bar. Up pops the picture into a large view that immediately gives you detailed info about the photo. Its kinda a cool idea but only for Mac.

• Adobe is putting on some e-seminars for design pros. There’s one in October and one in November. You can sign up here.

Have a great day!