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3 Ways To Zoom In On Your Photos in Lightroom

Hi gang — happy Wednesday. Here’s a post Matt did back in 2014 that is still very relevant today, and I thought you’d find helpful:

Since Lightroom is all about photos and most people like to see their photos larger on screen, I wanted to give you some of the shortcuts and secret handshakes to help make that happen 😉

1. Just press the F key (for Full Screen) – This is definitely the simplest. Where ever you are in Lightroom, just press Ffor Fullscreen and Lightroom will show the photo full screen with all of the interface hidden.

2. If you want to zoom in to 100% (or some other amount), just go to the Navigator panel in the Library or Developmodule. Then click the Fill1:1, or custom zoom option at the top left. Oh and while you’re at it, if you don’t want to click the options in that Navigator panel, you can use the keyboard shortcuts Cmd +/- (plus or minus) which would be Ctrl +/- on a PC.


3. If you’re in the Library module and you’re in Grid view, you can just press the Spacebar key to go 1-up on the photo you have selected. It’s not full screen view, because it still keeps the interface available. But it’s just a single photo view.

See, pretty handy stuff (thanks, Matt). 🙂

Why Lightroom Mobile is The Future
Today at 2:00 PM ET I’m doing a KelbyOne Members Only Webcast about why Lightroom Mobile is the future, and why it’s so important. It’s not a demo of LR Mobile, showing you which sliders to move and such (we already have full length courses on that type of stuff); this is more that higher-level stuff that changes the way you think about editing on your mobile device. I think you’ll find it eye-openingly helpful.

Who: Me, and I’m joined by iPhoneographer Erik Kuna
What: Members only Webcast on the “bigger picture” of Lightroom Mobile (no pun intended)
When: Today at 2:00 PM ET
Where: http://kelbyone.com/livewebcast/
Why: Because you don’t want to be left behind 🙂

Hope to see you then. Also, today on The Grid we’re doing a take-off on the bestselling diet book, “Eat This, Not That!” with “Shoot This, Not That!” You’re gonna dig it. 🙂