Who knew that Ed Weaver would have started such craziness when it came to his Calendar print presets for Lightroom. Seriously though, thank God he did because it gave me a break from creating new presets for a couple of weeks 🙂 (Thanks Ed!). Anyway, A few weeks ago I posted about Ed’s templates. Then there was a follow up from Thomas Ljungberg (for the rest of the world) that took it up a notch. Well Thomas has posted even more templates in other languages. If you haven’t seen the original post or the follow-ups make sure you check them out. Truly some of the coolest print presets I’ve seen.



  1. JACK 31 January, 2011 at 16:12 Reply

    Matt, my niece asked me to make her wedding album, she’s getting married in June. I told her I could make it (using InDesign CS5) but I know good wedding albums have cool B&W processed images and they seem to be of different styles i.e. some faded some contrasty and others just have that wow look . So I’d love to see some B&W presets, especially those suited to wedding albums.

  2. Eddie Sanchez 31 January, 2011 at 10:37 Reply


    First off, I must say I really appreciate your support and tips that we receive here at Killer Tips. Thanks for all the help! I am rather new to the Lightroom environment but I think I am getting the hang of it.

    But I must say, I have yet to find a simple and in plain English tutorial on not only how to back up your metadata but also your images -in this case JPEG- so that changes are always there. (I realize that the changes we make in LR are only metadata and are not visible on the computer browser and must be exported to physically see those changes and I do understand that those changes -even on JPEGS- will be visible on Camera Raw or when we try and open them via Photoshop.)

    Would you mind putting a simple and awesome tutorial on how to go about this?

    For the record, here is my situation:

    1. I have edited many pictures on LR and made sure the metadata is backed up and saved to the HD.
    2. I want to avoid having to export all the images to apply the develop settings.
    3. I want to continue having the freedom of changing those images in the future even after I’ve backed them up and removed them from my catalog.
    4. I use a laptop and several HD’s to back up.
    5. I use only one catalog for all my images in LR.
    6. I want to make sure I have those develop settings for the photos I have edited in the future-of course, without having to export as JPEGS and writing to the physical pixels.

    Thanks for all the help Matt!

    Please feel free to email me at eddie@escreativedesigner.com

    PS If you have covered this already, then i completely sorry. Just point me in the right direction.

    • Eddie Sanchez 3 February, 2011 at 21:53 Reply

      Matt, sorry for the inconvenience but can you please remove my email address from the comment I posted on the posting for Jan 31st? I am afraid I should have not put it do to spam.

      Thanks for your help!

  3. RON 31 January, 2011 at 08:21 Reply


    And for those who got the last ones he did, he fixed July to be 31 day’s correct.
    While you are there getting these, re- download the last ones in the previous post on his blog. he is really a cool guy and has some other neat stuff on his blog.


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