28 Great Lightroom Resources

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday when I looked through my Google alerts. I noticed that Lightroom Killer Tips had been mentioned on Photography Bay’s 28 Great Lightroom resources. They’ve compiled a list of all the best resources on the web and I made it (near the top even!). What’s really cool is that they mention some resources from Adobe, Peachpit Press, and Layers Magazine – all of which I write for so it’s like a quadruple dose of Matt (and who doesn’t want more right 😉 ). So make sure you pay the list a visit because there’s plenty of Lightroom stuff out there that you may be missing.
That said, there’s one resource on there that wasn’t mentioned and it’s one of the sites I visit all the time. Sean McCormack’s Lightroom Blog is a great (and frequently updated) website that you’ll want to put on your Lightroom list. So if you’ve got some vacation time coming up over the holidays and want to catch up on everything there is to know about Lightroom, now you’ve got 29 places to go. You’d better get to it!


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  1. Hi Ignacio,
    Here is the best place. If I’m not able to answer your questions hopefully some one else will be able to give it a shot.


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  2. Uh! great blog, that of McCormack’s!

    Matt, how can we contact you? I’d like to ask you a couple of questions, and don’t know if a comment on a post is the proper place.


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  3. To pepemosca :

    Try “Ctrl+ .” for Zoom-In and “Ctrl+,” for Zoom-Out.

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  4. Thanks for pointing this out Matt. I’ve just discovered Lightroom, and this (including Killer Tips) is a great resource!

    Does there exist yet a repository or registry of LR plugins?


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  5. Lightroom makes possible an image blog (http://www.newlynharbour.co.uk/blog) that I maintain – in particluar a big thumbs-up for presets (some developed myself in addition to those from Sean et al) allow me to quickly (with the emphasis on quickly!) get images uploaded to the blog before I head off to my day job! Many of the images just tell a story – when I get the chance though, Lightroom allows me (quickly) to add processed images designed to stimulate and promote interest in the day to day lives of those in my local fishing industry – thanks to all those whom contribute to LR in making it what it is!

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  6. Does any one knows how’s the shortcut for “zoom in” in a Spanish keyboard? Because the drop-down-menu shows “Ctrl+=”, and doesn’t work.


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  7. Hey make, I’ve seen some pre-sets on LR calibration for color and camera.
    Check out this tread on Dpreview.
    I’ve downloaded them they are for a D200 camera and at different ISO’s, they also try an emulate Nikon NX color profiles.
    Let us know what you think of pre-sets for camera cailbration.
    Thanks for all the work, I just got you DVD on Camera raw CS3

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