Happy Monday, folks – I’ve got a quick (just over 2-minutes) little video on renaming your photos that you might find really helpful. Here goes:

Hope you did indeed find that helpful. 🙂

Photoshop World Q&A today!
It’s over on my blog — if you’ve ever thought you might want to go, jump over there where I answer a bunch of questions about the conference. Hey, let’s at least answer one question here:

Q. Will there be lots of Lightroom Classes at the Photoshop World Conference this summer?
A. Oh yeah — a ton! In fact, there’s an entire Lightroom track that runs all day, every day of the conference, taught by me, Matt, Serge, Rob, Terry, Julieanne and more. You know you really should be there, right? 

Here’s the link to the full Photoshop World Q&A, and here’s wishing you a better than average Monday!



P.S. Don’t forget, if you’re in Atlanta, Milwaukee or Columbus, Ohio, I’m heading there very soon with my Lightroom full-day seminar. Come on out and spend the day with me. Details and tickets here.