Custom Naming Your Lightroom Images That You Edited in Photoshop

If you use Lightroom with Photoshop, you do have the option of changing the name of the files that are sent over to Photoshop and appear back in Lightroom once they’re edited. Here’s how:


STEP ONE: Go to Lightroom’s Preferences and click on the External Editing tab (seen here). The option for choosing the name for your files that go over to Photoshop and back are at the very bottom of the screen, from the Template pop-up menu (shown circled here in red).


STEP TWO: Click on that pop-up menu, and choose Edit (as shown here) to bring up the naming editor.


STEP THREE: From the Preset pop-up menu at the top of the Filename Template Editor, I generally choose “Custom name – Sequence” as shown here. This lets you choose the exact name you want, and then it will automatically number the files you sent over. (for a different option see below).


STEP FOUR: To edit the Custom Text, just double-click right on that little slug that says “Custom Text” and it highlights so you can just type in a new name right over it (which is what I did here where I typed in “Photoshop Edit-” [yes, I added a dash at the end just to make the name visually more clear]. Here’s another option for you to consider (below):




ANOTHER OPTION: Some folks choose to keep the original file name (since it already has a number) and just add some custom text to the end of it, which is a solid choice, too — choose whichever makes the most sense for you. To do that, from the Preset menu choose “Filename” then down near the bottom of the window, under Custom click “Insert” and it adds the words “Custom Text.” Double-click on that Custom Text and it highlights so you can just type in a new name right over it (which is what I did here, and I named my custom text PSedit). Just another option.

There ya go! Hope you find that helpful 🙂