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10 Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts I Use Every Day

Here are 10 I use everyday to speed my work and get things done. Here we go:

  1. If you don’t like the area where the Spot Removal tool chose as the source for your spot removal, press the ‘ / ‘ key (slash) and it will choose a different area to sample from.
  2. To change the brush size of Lightroom’s Adjustment Brush; the Left Bracket key on your keyboard makes the brush size smaller; the right bracket makes it larger.
  3. To change the color of the Mask Overly from its default tint of red, press Shift-O (each time you press it, it toggle to the next color). 
  4. Hold the Shift key, then Double-click the Whites and Blacks slider to have Lightroom automatically set your white and black points for you
  5. To reset all your Adjustment Brush sliders back to zero, all at once, double-click directly on the word “Effects” near the top of the panel.
  6. To temporarily hide all the panels, press Shift-Tab.
  7. To see just one panel at a time (instead of constantly scrolling through a list of panels) right-click in the title bar of any panel and choose “Solo Mode.”
  8. To see a side-by-side before/after of your edited image, press the letter “y” on your keyboard. To return back to the regular view, just press ‘y” again.
  9. To see how you image would look in Black & White, press the letter “v” on your keyboard. If you want it back in color again, just press “v” again.
  10. To hide the gray toolbar that appears below your image, press the letter ‘t.’ You can toggle this on/off temporarily by pressing and holding ‘t.’

Hope you find those useful (I sure do).

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Have a great Monday (stop snickering), stay safe; look out for each other, and we’ll see you online. 🙂