Lightroom Presets – Sunflare Glow Effect

Hey everyone! This post is brought to you by a post-Easter-Sunday-chocolate-sugar-high, so I can make no claims as to it’s accuracy or usefulness :) But I do think you’ll like these presets. They’re an update to some I released a while back, that went over really well. Basically, it’s a warm sunflare glow effect that makes a nice finishing touch on your outdoor photos.

It’s pretty simple. There’s a “Left Side” version and a “Right Side” version. They both emanate from the upper corner of the photo and were created using the Graduated Filter. They add some warmth and overall brightness to the corner you choose. And they work best on photos that have some sort of sunlight visible in them to start with (so you probably wouldn’t like the effect on a photo taken on a cloudy day or in a studio). If you want to adjust the color or intensity, just select the Grad Filter (keyboard shortcut is the M key), and adjust the settings.

Here’s a sample:



Hope you enjoy. Have a good one!


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  1. Hi Matt! I love this preset! However, I am new to lightroom, and cannot seem to find it on LR6 with all my other presets, can you help me out? Thanks!

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  2. I have had these for a while and loved them. I bought a series of brushes and the settings changed and now these don’t do anything. I keep seeing now that I am reading comments that you are saying they are not brushes, but I have always had them where the brushes are and used them as such. I was just trying to figure out what setting to have it on in order to make it work. Like what flow and what not. Thanks!

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  3. Thanks for the preset! I just subscribed to your newsletter as well and look forward to discovering more about Lightroom and more Lightroom presets through your fantastic website! Thanks again :)

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  4. I am LOVING these presets! Thank you heaps! Saves me so much time :) Very well done.

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  5. Hi,

    I would like to know how you organized your preset.

    I have so many presets I don’t know how to make order in it.

    I currently have many category like wedding, portrait, architecture, etc.

    Is it better to organized in other way?

    Please let me know via email please. I don’t come frequently on this website.


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  6. I am new to Lightroom (v5) but it won’t let me create a new preset folder to drop these into. Am I missing a setting to unlock editing in this module or something? Grateful for your advice so I can resolve this! Frustrating as I just logged onto Adobe chat, waited 10 minutes only to be told the Lightroom team wasn’t online today and to try again tomorrow! Thanks Leanne

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  7. Can I use this in Lr 5?!

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  8. Just wondering what i can use when the impact of the sunglare is too harsh or strong for the face- are there brushes i can use to brush this off the face?

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  9. @YVONNE:
    This video instruction you found on youtube is not for this template.
    The video-instruction you found is for “…presets for the adjustment brush in Lightroom” and this preset you downloaded here is not like this!
    On this website you will find a instruction for installing correctly:

    @Matt: Thanks very much – works for me in LR5.
    Nice effect.

    Greetings from Germany, Satyam

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  10. Matt,
    I found your sunflare glow presets video on youtube:

    I went to your page as listed below the you tube vidoe to download the sunflare glow presets. I unzipped the folder.

    I Installed them just like you showed us in the youtube video and then restared LR4. They weren’t there. I read all the comments about and you said they aren’t brushes but they are develop presets, soooo I reloaded them in the develop folder and restarted LR4 and again they aren’t there……they’re no where! I’m confused because in the youtube video you state they are brushed and to load in the local adjustments folder, but in the comment answers above you say the aren’t brushes but are develop presets. Anyway, neither way worked. Please help!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. I’m having the same issue. I have Lightroom 5, and it shows up in the folder, but not in the option menu with the Burn/Dodge/Iris Enhancement under the adjustment brush. Watched the video multiple times, and restarted it multiple times. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

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    • Kristin – they should show up in your Presets panel on the left side of Lightroom in the Develop module (not the Adjustment Brush panel).

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  12. I downloaded the presets and installed them as Local Adjustment Presets as shown in the video but they do not appear in the Presets list. Neither in LR4, nor in LR5.

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  13. Hi there, I’ve downloaded your presets, they come in a zip file. When I try to import them into lightroom it tells me “it’s the wrong type of preset” what do I do next? thanks

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    • Hi Lisa – You’ve got to unzip them.

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  14. MK, will presets from LR4 work well with LR5, such as this sunflare??? This was my favorite preset in LR4….and I just LOVE LR5.

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    • Yup. It’ll work exactly the same.

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  15. Hi Matt,

    Just wanted to say that your presets are amazing and thank you so much for sharing all of them!

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  16. Not showing up in my adjustment folder either.
    I am using Lightroom 3 on Windows 7.

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    • It doesn’t work with Lightroom 3.

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  17. Hi Matt!
    I’ve installed the presets just as you’ve instructed, but they don’t appear in my adjustment brushes (I have a few I’ve installed already)
    I’m on a Mac (mountain lion)using lr4
    Thanks Matt!

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  18. Hi Matt!!

    I have a few local adjustment presets, but yours arent showing up after installing, any ideas sir?? (LR4, Mac)

    Thanks for all you do!

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  19. Uh Matt, your link to how to install the presets goes back to your home page.

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  20. I down loaded and placed the unzipped files in the Local Adjustment Presets folder along with the many others I have. Restarted lightroom. Clicked the brush icon, went to effects down arrow and I do not see them. Everything else is there but the sun flares. Help!

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    • They’re not adjustment brush presets. They’re regular Develop module presets.

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  21. Hi Matt! I would love to download the sunflare presets, but the link to the presets is not working. How might I download them?

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  22. Thanks for the preset, Matt. It’s nice the graduated filter can be moved around to change the angle of the flare.

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