Lightroom 4.4 and Magazine Update

Hey everyone. I’ve got a couple of Lightroom news-related items for you today. First off, I just got word that the latest issue of Lightroom Magazine (issue #4) is up on the App Store. If you’ve got an iPad, here’s the link to the free app where you can download the first issue for free. Each issue after that is $4.99. I’ve also included a few screen captures from the app (Cover, Table of Contents and my Editors Note) below.

Also, Adobe just released an update to Lightroom. We’re at Lightroom 4.4 now. Like most of the “dot” updates, it’s mainly got support for newer cameras as well as a few bug fixes. You can always stop by The Lightroom Journal blog (from Adobe’s Lightroom Product Managers), and see the full list of what’s in the update. And here’s the link to download the update directly from Adobe’s website.

Cover (click to see it larger)

Table of Contents

Editors Note

The magazine app has been getting rave reviews from everyone I come across so I hope you’ll check it out. Here’s the link to the app on the App Store. Enjoy!