Lightroom Video – Customizing The Interface With Your Own Graphic

One of the cool things about Lightroom is that it’s got some easy ways to customize the interface and make the program look more like your own. One of those ways is with panel end marks – you know those little graphics below the panels on the left and right side of Lightroom. Check out the video below and I’ll show you how you can make your own graphics and have Lightroom display them, instead of the default ones that it ships with.


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  1. Hi matt how did you make the logo for the lightroom could you do a video on how you went about making the logol

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  2. Edit > Identity Plate Setup…
    Check “Enable Identity Plate”

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  3. Matt,

    Will you also do the customization of the Lightroom title bar in the upper left?

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    • Edit > Identity Plate Setup…

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