Lightroom 4 Presets – "The 300" Look (updated)

Hey everyone. I know I’ve been a big slacker on the blog lately. Been traveling like crazy teaching my Lightroom 4 Live seminars so it’s been hard to keep up. Today, I’m in San Francisco and it’s looking like a great crowd of over 400 will be there. As always, my invite stands – if you’re coming to the seminar please come on up and say hi at some point. It’s great to see the faces behind the blog.

On to the presets. Here’s another oldie but goodie that I updated to work better with Lightroom 4. The actual effect was inspired by a movie that’s a few years old. It’s called “The 300″. So the preset isn’t new, but I still see the style of this preset used all the time. It’s a very edgy tinted kinda look. You’ll notice there are 2 presets in the zip file. One of them is for a harsher stronger look (good if you’re looking for that gritty effect). The other one is for a softer look (better for portraits that have women in them). Hope you enjoy!

Here’s a quick Before/After (click for larger image):

Click here to download Matt’s 300 Look Preset

Author: Matt K

Matt is a full time Education Director for the NAPP and Kelby Training. He's a best-selling author of various books on Photoshop and Photography co-hosts the live weekly photography talk show "The Grid" and is co-host of "Photoshop User TV". In his spare time he practices as a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo and enjoys spending time with his family in Tampa, FL.

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  1. “better for portraits that have women in them” Seriously? Why on earth did you have to add that? Aren´t women allowed to be i rougher pics, and can´t men look nice? Honestly, I expect better here.

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    • Yes… seriously! I added it because they, well, look better on portraits that have women in them (weddings, family portraits etc…). Crazy huh? That an effect or retouching could actually work better on a specific gender for a specific look. But please, you’re free to make the women in your photos look as rough as you’d like. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it ;)

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  2. Thanks. Will try it

    400 people, woah. Do share some if any interesting or important Q&A’s happen.

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  3. Thank you, Matt! Loved the old 300 preset and I’m loooking forward to the update.

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  4. Ooooooooooooo
    From San Francisco

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  5. Thanks, Matt. Love it when you update old favorites. :-)

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  6. Thanks for the update. You have no idea of how much I love this preset :)

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  7. Hi Matt. Great job your doing over here! One thing, on my mchine (mac, lion, lr 4.1), when I use one of these presets, its making some other presets I select have the brownish tint you’ve used, the HDR lr4 presets you’ve posted for example.

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  8. Great update to an “oldie, but goodie” preset, Matt! Thanks.

    My son and I (and a friend of mine) are both attending your Boston LR4 show next week. You know I will come up to say “hi” to you (and probably ask some dumb question)! :-)


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  9. I am glad for your updating some of classics for LR4. I really like that you are noting on the file name that they are for LR4 since I save all presets in folders and this help to tell which is for which version. Thanks Matt

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  10. Thanks for the update Matt! I use the 300 look preset every now and then.

    Please update the Nikon presets next (e.g. Standard, Landscape, Portrait, etc)!

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  11. Thanks for this.
    Great stuff as always

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  12. Very cool Matt. Thanks so much!!!

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  13. For anyone who has not seen a Matt K seminar, you don’t know what you are missing. And one other thing: Matt is sincere when he says to come up to the stage and say HI. The first time I met him, I was pleasantly surprised at how approachable he was. He also took the time to personalize an inscription to one of his books that I brought up for a colleague who was unable to attend. So if you ever gt a chance, go see Matt live. It will be well worth the time. See you soon Matt!!!


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  14. Nice! I love this preset. Nikon and Canon profiles as mentioned earlier would be ace.

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  15. Thanks, Matt, for sharing your stuff.

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  16. Ciao Ragazzi,
    vi chiedo aiuto… Sto impazzendo per trovare qualche santo che abbia un LINK, SITO, o altro dove possa scaricare dei preset per lighroom 4.0…
    Ne avevo una valanga, ma dopo la formattazione, ho perso praticamente tutto…
    Qualcuno di voi, mi puoi passare dei presets….


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  17. Hi Matt, Thanks for the HDR tip and video!

    Just wondering if you have run into any issues with re-opening that processed HDR file back into Photoshop from Lightroom once you have made your adjustments.

    I have followed your video step by step – Merged to HDR – saved as 32-Bit Tiff back into Lightroom & applied adjustments – and am now trying to Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments in Photoshop. No matter how many times I select that command, or restart Lightroom/Photoshop, the file does not open. Similarly, selecting Edit Original does not open the file either. Weird! It seems my pretty HDR is trapped in Lightroom! Just thought I’d bring this to your attention in case you, or others, have encoubtered the same issue.

    Gary Irish

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  18. Thanks Matt, these preset has been some of my favorites. My only wish is that you you will update my all time favorites Auto Fix for LR4! Please, please, please with sugar on top!

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  19. Thanks Matt, I’ve used it as a basis for my own preset for some types of male portrait photography.

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  20. Hi Matt,

    The 300 file is corrupted.

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  21. Hi Matt,

    Do you have other link so I can download your 300 preset or please send to my email Thanks Well

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  22. The presets look great! I’m trying to locate the article that was done in the Magazine. I created my own preset from those instructions, with a few changes. As will happen, lost the preset in a lost Mac. Can you please help me find the issue it was in. Thanks Matt.


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  23. Hi! Does this preset work for lightroom 3?

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  24. … so do they work with LR5? Just dnldd it. Nice!

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  25. I’ve discovered a book recreating this one but they called it the ‘dragan effect’ , is this pretty much the same?

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  26. So will this Preset give me 8 pack abs??? lol

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