I will be honest, I am not sure when this tweak occurred, but I ignored it until today… so if it has been there for a while… move on… nothing to see here. However, I really like this tweak, because it helps the zoom act the way it should.

wanting to zoom in, I click on Erik's ear... 'cause it is a nice ear. :D

wanting to zoom in, I click on Erik’s ear… ’cause it is a nice ear. 😀

Let’s say you want to zoom into an image such as Erik here, and you want to make sure everything is ok with his face… so you click on his ear with the zoom tool… it zooms in, but it kinda zooms in to the upper third of the image instead of making that ear zoom into the dead center of the frame.

zoom tweak 2

zooms in, but in a little bit of a weird way.

If you go into your Preferences menu and under the Interface tab, you will find at the bottom Tweaks. The first check box on the left says “Zoom clicked point to center.”

If you check that box, now when you click with the zoom tool, it will center that point in the middle of the screen.

original zoom vs. tweaked zoom

original zoom vs. tweaked zoom

It is a little tweak, but one that just makes sense and makes me happy to know about it and share with you. 😀