What I’d Love To See Next in Lightroom…Part 2

OK, it’s time for #2 in my Lightroom wishlist, and that is…..

#2) Thumbnails and Full Screen previews that load as fast as Photo Mechanic’s

Photo Mechanic’s speed of showing thumbnails and full-screen previews is just insane! I made a quick video on my laptop to show you exactly how fast (below) where I drag 68 RAW files into Photo Mechanic, that have never been in there before (so no previews have been built yet or anything), and watch how fast you see the thumbnail’s appear, and then the full screen previews (Spoiler Alert — they appear full screen size faster than I can toggle to the next image hitting the right arrow button on my keyboard). Take a look for yourself:

Crazy speed, right? Yet Photo Mechanic is a tiny-little (yet totally awesome) company.

Adobe is a multi-Billion dollar company with around 13,500 or so employees.

Can’t the Lightroom team have just one of those 13,500 to work on getting the thumbnails speed up to what the engineers at Photo Mechanic have been able to do for many years now? Just one employee? That would leave 13,499 to work on everything else. I would pay the full Lightroom upgrade fee just for this one single speed feature.  If it was another $100 for a “pro” version with just this single new feature, it would be the fastest $100 I spent all year. I am not joking.

So, there ya have it. Come on Adobe –speed kills! 🙂



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