Here’s a few links worth checking out while you’re web surfing today:

• Scott Eccleston over at Weekly Photo Tips featured me in a Q&A.

• Tim Armes has a new plug-in that exports your photos and preserves the folder hierarchy during the export for the new images.

• Cool product of the day alert. I haven’t tried the Eye-Fi memory cardsout yet but I think I’m going to have to. Wireless transmitting of photos to your computer has got to be cool! 🙂

• Sean McCormack over at the Lightroom Blog has released a couple of plug-ins that export photos to your account. One is called LR2TweetPhoto and the other is LR2Tweetpic.

• Sherri Meyer did a top 10 Lightroom tweets of the week. Even if you hate twitter, there’s some good links there to check out.