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My Workflow For Using DSLR Images on Instagram Using Lightroom Mobile

Hey gang: Today I’m doing a video version of part of what I wrote about over on my blog today, which is sharing my workflow for getting DSLR images up on Instagram. This is a real pain point for a lot of folks (I only know because I get so many questions about it, and I can admit to once having one of the clunkiest workflows ever, which I detailed over on my blog today).

But here, I want to show a short video clip…
I made for you guys here at LRKT just showing the THREE simple taps it takes to go from Lightroom Mobile directly to Instagram for posting.

Lightroom Mobile is really the key to this, but it starts in Lightroom CC on my desktop. I create a collection of images that over the next month or so I want to put on Instagram, then I sync that collection to Lightroom Mobile. Now you’re just four taps away (see below):

If you want the step-by-step breakdown, or the much clunkier non-Lightroom Mobile workflow, check out my blog post today over at this link.  A big thanks to Adobe’s own Terry White who helped me come up with this faster, easier method of getting my DSLR images over to Instagram.

Hope you found that helpful. 🙂



P.S. Hey, I’m coming to Seattle and Portland in a couple of weeks with my seminar. Hope I’ll see you there.