Winners to the Lightroom 3 Live Seminars

We have a winner! Actually a few of them. You’ll get an email from me in the next few days (unless you’re in Phoenix) with the info you need. Thanks for stopping by and I hope that, even if you didn’t win, you’ll still try to come out for the seminar. See ya!
• Maria Weber – Phoenix
• Ryan Rittenhouse – Indy
• Sarah Smithers – Tampa
• Fred – Philly
• Lisa Hall – Arlington


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  1. so as badly as i wanted to win the free ticket to the phoenix lr3 day, you absolutly picked the right person to give it to….i sat next to the winner, and although she owns lightroom its never made it out of the box because she was afraid of it….. im certain thats changed now….
    for me you just made my work flow, flow a little faster, there were some things i didnt know about that i wasnt being very effecient with..

    and thank you so much for taking a minute to look at my work. i know thats not what you were there for. that alone was worth the price of admission to me.

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    • Thanks Frank. I’m really glad she got a lot out of it. And I’m happy to look at your work. Sorry I didn’t have more to say. Thought it was great!

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  2. I’m sure the winners are excited, and Heaven forbid Mrs. Lisa gets sick…..but if she does give me a holler, I can be in Arlington in a few hours 🙂

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