What I’d Love To See Next in Lightroom. Part 6

Happy Friday, everybody. OK, this one is a simple fix, but I think it would speed a lot of folks workflow who use the Lens Connection panel (I use it almost daily, and numerous times a day — for me, this is one super-important panel). Here we go for #6 on my list:

#6: Simplify the Lens Correction Panel

Don’t take stuff away. Don’t hide it. Just don’t make us toggle back and forth between FOUR different tabs within one panel. With that many tabs it’s like its own mini-program within a program. There’s no reason these can’t be simplified into just two tabs. Take a look:

New Lens Dialog

Above: You can combine the first two tabs: Basic and Profile. Combining these two into gives you the most gain, because once you turn on the camera profile (by the way, the same checkbox to turn it on appears in TWO of the four tabs as it is), then you have to switch to a different tab just to use the Upright Feature. By combining these two tabs into just one tab, you can now turn on the Profile Correction and use Upright without having to jump tabs. Then there’s this:

New Lens Dialog 2

Above: Combining the Color and Manual tabs into just one tab and removing the 2nd instance of the Constrain Crop checkbox (yes, it appears in two separate tabs in the same panel), you’re now down to just two tabs total, without losing anything. Two less tabs to jump back and forth between means a faster workflow.

BONUS: By putting everything in just two tabs, you increase each feature’s “discoverability” so people who didn’t even realize that there’s an entire Defringe section, now will  (otherwise, many just turned on the “Remove Chromatic Aberration” checkbox and left it at that.  By the way — that checkbox appears TWICE in the same set of four tabs as well. That’s three checkboxes that appear twice in different places within the same single panel. Just sayin’.

OK, that’s another that seems like “low hanging fruit.” No math. Just User Interface stuff that makes our lives easier and our workflow faster, and it helps Adobe in getting people to find features they may not have know even existed. It’s all good.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and have a safe, and happy Memorial Day Weekend!



P.S. If you missed our show “The Grid” on Wednesday, I showed the Lightroom editing I did on that fashion image that I did that went to the #1 spot on with a 99.9 rating (whoo hoo!). Here’s the link to the episode — the Lightroom post processing part starts at around the 23:05 mark (you’ll be amazed at how easy it is).