We Can Start This Year Off Right

OK, finally, 2020 is behind us, and a year of opportunity lies ahead of us. Here’s some stuff we have to look forward to in 2021:

1. We can start setting our photographic goals now

What do you want to accomplish this year in photography? Is it selling some of your prints? Licensing your images? Is is finally getting your photo Lightroom library organized or is it learning how to use a flash? Is it to learn a new genre of photography that you couldn’t do during quarantine? Whatever your goals are, (and you already know what I’m about to tell you), your chances of reaching any goal go up immensely when you do the simple act of writing them down. So…now’s your chance.

2. Lots of cool new gear will come out this year

Better cameras, new lenses, new accessories — lots of stuff we haven’t even thought of yet is being dreamed up and created, and lots of new stuff that will make our photography experience more fun (notice, I didn’t say they would make better photos), but still. there’s nothing wrong with fun. In fact, I highly recommend fun.

3. We’ll get to learn new stuff this year

Lots of new stuff to learn — new techniques, techniques we don’t know yet, new Lightroom and Photoshop stuff, new flash techniques, and lots of new educational opportunities to help us organize our images and make ’em look better than ever. I know at KelbyOne we’ll be releasing around 60 brand new full length online classes in 2021 including lots of things we’ve never taught before, in addition to some courses nobody’s ever done that will help in ways you cannot imagine.

4. We’ll get to start traveling again

It’s coming — vaccines are here and more are on the way, and before too long things will finally settle down, and we’ll get to travel again.We’ll get to start seeing the world again, and appreciating it more than ever. Things that we took for granted before will taste sweeter than ever.

5. We can lift up the photographers around you

2020 was a tough year to be a photographer, and a lot of photographers really struggled (not to mention those who made their living as a photographer — perhaps their toughest year ever), with everything from motivation to creativity to self confidence. A lot of people got downright mean out on social media, and took a lot of shots at photographers who didn’t deserve it. You can help them. You can encourage them, help motivate them — when things get better, just go shooting with them and help them get reengaged. Sometimes just an encouraging word about their work can go a long way. Sometimes it can make all the difference in the world.

6. Your best image ever could come this year

We’re all getting better. Each time we take an image, we get that much closer to make our best image yet. There is no reason the best image you’ve ever taken can’t lie ahead of you in 2021. There’s so much opportunity — 2021 is a book that’s yet written. We’re just starting Chapter 1 — keep your eyes out for opportunities — this could be the year you make that image that lasts a lifetime. I wouldn’t bet against you.

2021 can be everything 2020 wasn’t (though even last year had a lot of silver linings), so let’s start off this year with a positive attitude, knowing we survived the craziest year yet, and we learned how to live and work in the midst of a pandemic, and we came out the other side wiser and more prepared for the future. Let’s make some goals, stretch our wings again, learn and laugh again. Let’s make more images and get better at it, and enjoy it more.

Here’s wishing you lots of success, happiness and good health in the coming year. I hope you look at your list of goals at the end of this year and there are lots of checkmarks beside them. 🙂


P.S. We are just a couple of weeks away from our first online conference of the year — it’s “The travel photography Conference. Two tracks — lots of incredible instructors, and lots of amazing education. I put the trailer below, but here’s the link for tickets for more details. You will love it, and I hope to see you there.