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Video – Moving from iPhoto to Lightroom 3

Last week Scott Kelby mentioned I’d be doing a video on going from iPhoto to Lightroom. Over the last few week’s we’ve done a number of our 1-day Lightroom seminars and this question seemed to pop up a lot so we figured it would be easier to tackle in a video. As I mentioned in the video, it’s a little clunky but it can be done. The main thing you have to decide is whether you want two copies of your photos (Originals and Modified as you’ll see in the video).

Click here to download the video to your computer. [Right-click and choose the “Save As” option]

A couple of extras:
• There’s a program called Picture Sync that some have recommended to help get your keywords and metadata saved as well. It’s unsupported and no longer updated.
• I’ve also seen some people suggest moving from iPhoto to Aperture. Then from Aperture you can export your photos (with all of their metadata, keywords, etc…) and import into Lightroom. Again, it’s clunky and requires you own a copy of yet another piece of expensive software. But hey, I run into people all the time that have both so I thought I’d at least mention it.