Lightroom Tips

Tip – The secret Identity Plate Text Formatting Trick

Hey folks. I had a killer day yesterday teaching the Lightroom 3 Live! seminar in LA. The crowd was awesome and it was great to see so many things “click” with everyone. Thanks to all who came out – you really made me feel right at home. Next, I’m on my way to San Francisco today to teach the same seminar on Friday (as well as my photowalk on Saturday) so I’m still grabbing some tips from Scott to celebrate the release of his brand new Lightroom 3 Book for Digital Photographers. Today’s tip is a very cool Identity Plate trick.

If you haven’t noticed it’s surprisingly hard to format text inside the Identity Plate Editor window, especially if you want multiple lines of text (of course, the fact that you can have multiple lines of text is a tip unto itself). But, there’s a better way: Create your text somewhere else that has nice typographic controls, then select and copy your text into memory. Then come back to the Identity Plate Editor and paste that already formatted text right into it, and it will maintain your font and layout styles.

Thanks again to Scott for letting me steal his tips this week. If you’d like to check out his new book (and a freebie disc of all my LR presets that comes with it) you can find it right here.