Lightroom Videos

Video – Importing the Exports

Happy video day. This one comes directly from a question I got earlier this week and a question that I get every single time I teach Lightroom. It has to do with what you do with the photos you export from Lightroom (using File > Export). Lightroom 2 beta actually has a new feature that deals with this but let’s face it – it’s not ready for prime-time production work and I strictly use it for “Play” purposes as I know most of you do too. So what about Lightroom 1? How do you manage the photos that you’ve exported for a client if, say, you need to keep track of them? Well I’ve got a solution in this video.

Click here to watch the video. (16Mb)

Oh yeah, make sure you listen to the end where I pose a question about if/how/why you do this and post a comment here on the blog. Thanks!